As fit pros, it’s our job to consistently offer engaging, effective, & unique programs to keep our tribe (and business) flourishing… and frankly, time & resources can make this a daunting challenge. Our short-yet-effective 10 Day Fit Camp program has been a huge success at Fitness Quest 10 (averaging 30+ clients each session!) & now we’re providing you the blueprint to implement all aspects of this innovative program at your facility.

Whether you’re looking to attract new clients or offer a cost-effective and high-quality program to retain current clients, this program meets the needs of all fitness levels while delivering incredible value and results. From the marketing and workout programming to upsells and admin needs, we’ve included it all to make 10 Day Fit Camp a colossal success for your community.


Workout Programming

All 10 workouts are built, ready to roll, and TD-approved!

Flyer Template

Simply update your details & print out this already-formatted flyer to start spreading the word.

Client Manual and Cover

On Day 1, your Fit Camp participants will receive this TD-designed manual including nutrition tips, supplement suggestions, and more.

Payment Sheet

Everyone’s information and fees is tracked right here. Plus, you’ll have what you need to add them to your distribution list(s).

New Client Offer

Really want to convert some newbies? This will do the trick.

Income/Expense Sheet

Measuring your ROI without re-inventing the wheel.

Sales Video Transcription

In this digital age, a video can be a major difference maker. We’ve got the script set for you.

Discount Coupon

Upsell your other services with Fit Camp-only coupons.

Facebook Ads

Take advantage of social media with specific targeting details and copy to leverage Facebook ads.

Instagram Ad

This organic Instagram post is designed to create curiosity and capture leads.

Thank You Letter

Follow-up is key, so we’ll help you show your gratitude & encourage conversions.

Sign Up Sheet

No need for extra admin work; just print this out.

Two Versions of Landing Page

Our landing pages are designed to ensure visitors get the social proof, details, and compelling content they need to commit.

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